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DVXes overheating

I've put in a 15 or 20 DVX switchers over the past year, all for the same client, and most of them are overheating to the tune of about 43 degrees C. Most of them still work OK, but some are just plain acting flaky: parts of code apparently not executing, switch device going online and offline, that sort of thing. It seems like a manufacturing tolerance thing, where some units tolerate heat better than others.

So, this is a two-part question:

1) Have you seen overheating in the DVX switchers? and 2) has it caused problems? Well, three parts: 3) what was the resolution, other than lots of fans?



  • mritzmritz Junior Member Posts: 22
    I remember a problem on 2-3 pieces of DVX2100HD units where I run into a boot problem. The units are installed in some kind of wooden furniture and on hot days in summer I figured out that when rebooting or power cycling the units, they did´nt boot successfully. The front display was working but no blinking LED (Link/ACT, Status, Input, Output). The temperature was around 42 degree celsius. I can´t remember if there was another fail then the reboot issue. But I got this solved with the firmware 4.1.390. This fixed the boot issue. The units are running for about 3 years now.

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