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Linn Products

elsap213elsap213 Junior MemberPosts: 12
Hi... Has anyone ever worked with Linn Products and tryed to control them with an AMX touchpanel??


  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 677
    At the moment I'm working with the following Linn products:
    - Kivor Audioserver (using AMX' COMM module, writing a new user interface)
    - Kisto Pre-Amp (writing NetLinx module for basic functions like Volume, Source, Surround mode)
    - Unidisk 1.1 / SC (writing module with basic functions and volume control (SC only))

    Our new Kivor user interface will be finished the next 1-2 weeks. At the moment it's German only.
    Kisto and Unidisk modules should be finished the next few days.

    If you need some more details, let me know.

    Best regards,
  • giacomogiacomo Junior Member Posts: 11

    I worked on Kisto, Unidisk, Intersekt R8S8 , Pekin ,Room Amp2 and Kivor (AMX module)

    If I can help you, reply me

  • Duncan EllisDuncan Ellis Code Junkie Posts: 118
    Linn Products

    I have been working with Linn products for the last couple of years. Products I have dealt with are the Kisto, Unidisk 1.1/2.1, room amp, Kivor Music server (written own code for this,16 room control - not AMX module - includes playlist creation and editing), Kinos, & Classik Movie Di.
    The Unidisk has the ability to give out a large amount of information which, up until recently, caused a problem if it was connected to an NI2000/3000/4000 on port 1 - as it would lock up this problem has been eradicated.
    I also wrote a module for unidisk that feeds track information to the touch panel as well as full feedback for transport controls(and volume on the 2.1) etc...

    Linn products are not the easiest of products to deal with but I have found them to be reliable across the board. When dealing with these products, you have to have quite a lot of patience. I have found that some of the AMX modules are a bit weighty on processor time, which is why I have written my own. The time invested in this has been well worth while...............I have learnt a large amount by tackling these products also.

    If you need some pointers, drop me a mail
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