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TPDesign4 Short Window

Recently my Button Power Assign window has been showing cropped and I can't get to the Apply/Ok buttons. Also the About screen show the text all lover the place. See attached images. Any way to fix at least the Power Assign?I tried uninstalling and reinstalled many times but no success.


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    HedbergHedberg Posts: 671

    Can't suggest a fix for the graphics, but if you select focus on the power assign window and hit the 'a' key, it should do the assign. It does on mine, anyway.

    You have build 674 and mine is 672, but if it were a problem with that release, surely, lots of people would have it.
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    nickmnickm Posts: 152
    It looks as though this is a result of re-sizing window assets at the operating system level. I've experienced this when making system font sizes larger under 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display'
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    DavidRDavidR Posts: 62
    set your windows font to normal size... no enlargement.
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