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Font Rendering Problem w/ Parallels 9 Mavericks Retina Display

the8thstthe8thst Junior MemberPosts: 470
I am starting to transition to a Macbook Pro as a full time dev computer. I am having trouble with the font sizing of the console output, online tree, debug window, etc. I have double checked fonts and sizes in the preferences, but they all appear correct.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am new to the whole MacOS + Virtualized Windows thing. See image below for example.


  • nickmnickm Blinky Light Aficionado Posts: 152
    Parallels is seeing the native resolution of the Retina display (2880x1800) and rendering the workspace, debug, etc. graphics accordingly. I'm doing the same thing (on purpose) so I can get more information within the hi-res real estate.

    On my machine, however, if I set the resolution of the LCD in Mavericks to be 1440x900, the fonts for workspace and debug adjust larger accordingly. I'm not sure why yours isn't. The main difference I can think of is that I'm running Parallels 8 and you're on 9.
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