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Polycom Answer incoming call

KennyKenny Junior MemberPosts: 209
I have an HDX8000 that I can not answer incoming calls via RS232.
I have used the 'answer video' and the 'button left' strings. Neither are echoed back when the Incoming Call popup on the codec is visible. I can answer via IR just fine.


  • Jim DonachiueJim Donachiue Junior Member Posts: 82
    Are you using the AMX HDX9002 Comm and UI Modules?

    If so, have you changed the Button Event Codes on your TP to match the UI Code?
  • KennyKenny Junior Member Posts: 209
    I'm not using the module. I am sending 'answer video'.
    It seems the codec is not responding to any RS232 commands when a call is coming in. There is a popup on the display indicating an incoming call that has 2 buttons on it saying 'answer' and 'ignore'. I cant even move left or right with the TP using RS232.
    Everything else is working just fine. I have called Polycom and they are baffled. That is why I turned to the real experts.
  • cmatkincmatkin Senior Member Posts: 86
    Hi Kenny,
    What firmware are you running on the HDX?
    There are a couple of versions that stop listening to API commands whilst a popup is active. It is a bug that has been fixed.
    This may not be your issue though.
    Make sure you have the $0D on the end as well.
  • KennyKenny Junior Member Posts: 209
    I believe the HDX has the latest that is released by Polycom.
    I am not using any modules.
    The string that I send is SEND_STRING dvHDX8000[nCurrMode], "'answer video',13"
    I can hit arrow up, down, left, right while the call is coming in and the HDX will queue the strings and process them once the call is gone.
    I have verified that the strings are sent and being queued by me. I have even tried sending the answer string via telnet in Studio.
    Odd odd odd.
  • cmatkincmatkin Senior Member Posts: 86
    Hi Kenny,
    Telnet into the codec on port 24 not the default 23.
    Type whoami and post back the details.
    Try using the button select command on the API. If you feel that the codec isn't responding to commands, then when the notification goes away it processes them try using the remote to cause a popup on the screen. Then use the API to select buttons on that popup.
    I have seen these issues before.
  • dednartsdednarts Junior Member Posts: 1
    Try using:
    SEND_STRING dvHDX8000[nCurrMode], "'answer video',13,10"

    I know the API says just a <CR> but I have always had better luck with <CR><LF>
  • KennyKenny Junior Member Posts: 209
    This has been resolved.
    The problem was, I was asking the current call state every few seconds. If I sent query commands while the Popup was up then the Polycom would queue the strings.
    I had to stop sending the "getcallstate" strings until we were actually in a call.
    The codec is an HDX8000 wit latest fw.

    Hope this helps others.
  • cmatkincmatkin Senior Member Posts: 86
    Hi Kenny,

    This still shouldn't effect the API.

    Instead of polling the "getcallstate", use the "getcallstate register" and this will automatically notify you of any change in call states.

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