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Including external JARs when packing Cafe Duet module

I find it really useful to be able to develop a module in an ordinary eclipse environment, test it, then package it up with a little cafe duet wrapper so it can run on the NetLinx controller. It feels like the cleanest way to do this is to create a JAR of my AMX-independent code. Although the Cafe Duet IDE is perfectly happy if I add an external JAR, unfortunately there's no way to select these classes for inclusion when using the "Pack Module" wizard - I have to copy and paste in the source trees. Does anyone know a neat solution to this?


  • mstocummstocum Posts: 120
    I haven't tried it on my own yet, but this is the response I got when asking a similar question in another thread. You must recompile your project in NetLinx Studio after you first update the manifests, or else NetLinx won't transfer the additional JARs.
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