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Catching bootup on diagnostics

Open a standard-size windows command prompt and ping your NetLinx constantly:

ping /t

Immediately after programming several pings will fail. Then it will start replying:

Reply from bytes=32 time=45ms TTL=64

The moment that these reply messages reach the top of the command window is almost exactly the same time that the controller will start accepting Diagnostics connections. ;)


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    I also highly recommend SecureCRT. You can set it to auto-reconnect to the telnet/ssh port (it attempts every 5 seconds) and immediately send the "msg on" (or "msg on error" for FMv4) which is the same as NetLinx Diagnostics. Others on the forum recommend shadeBlue Indigo, though I've had more crashing issues with that one.

    Of course if you want to see the Device Notifications, pinging is the best method.
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