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Infinite boot loop DVX-3150HD

Hi everyone,
I have searched the forum for a while before deciding to post about my issue.

My DVX-3150HD keeps on rebooting even though I flipped the first DIP switch.
It loops in a cycle of about 1.38min, which, I guess, is just about the time it takes to boot the master. I don't know if this information is even relevant.
I also noticed that I was able to access the web interface for about 30 seconds before it all goes to hell.

Does anyone have any leads on the issue, anything I might have overlooked?
I'm quite new at this so there's a huge possiblity that it might just be something minor.

Thank you in advance,


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    With dip switch 1 UP to disable the program, can you telnet into the box during the boot sequence? If so, can you try 'reset factory' ? Has this behavior always been present, or did it just start? Is this behavior something that started following a firmware update?

    Thank you,
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    I did the factory reset and it did not solve the problem. I don't know precisely when it started but it seems to be after a software update. I don't think the software is the problem because all of our systems are running on the same version and they don't have any issues with it. The system acts like it had an error during a firmware update, but we haven't updated the firmware since we installed it. I noticed that it isn't a complete reboot since it doesn't go through the process of detecting the devices in its input and the front display doesn't indicate that it's "Starting up...".

    Thanks for the support by the way, it is very appreciated.

    And pardon my english.
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    travtrav Posts: 188
    Does this provide any info...

    Flick up dip switch 3 on the back, and set your terminal program to 115200 and turn on some logging as you'll probably get a lot of stuff to wade through, but that should give you access to the OS console as it boots and you may find something interesting there.

    Although, from the sounds of it, it's pretty borked, and all you are doing at this point is investigating "for the sheer industrial archeology of it all" to quote Douglas Adams.
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