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NXC-ME Connectivity

I inherited a MXC-ME/NXI combination and I'd like to play around with this on my test bench. I'd like to set it up as a M2M system to expand the number of ports, however there is no Ethernet port despite being the "ME" model. It's just a blank hole. I took a look inside and it appears that there was never a port on the unit (clean solder contacts on the main board).

So with that, I'm looking for creative ideas to try to add this to my existing system. The unit does have ICSNet/ICSHub ports. Is there a way that I can get full functionality of the NXI over ICS connected to my existing master?

My other, archaic, idea is to straight patch one of the RS232 ports from this unit on to a RS232 port on my existing unit and create some sort of protocol to pass data. Do-able, just not the cleanest.



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Ummm.. I thnk someone pulled the Ethernet port out of that. You can always use the serial program port to set it up. But seriously... You can probably find a used ,aster card for dirt cheap on ebay.
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    HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    You can directly access the ports on an AMX master through the program port. Probably everyone knows how to do this via telnet and does it frequently when setting stuff up and programming on site.

    For example, if you establish a telnet session to a master and send the following:

    send_string 5001:1:0, "'this is a string to send',13,10"

    the obvious occurs. You can do the exact same thing with a terminal session connecting to the program port of the master.

    So, pick a serial port on the master that you want to program and connect it with a null cable (2,3, and 5 only) to the program port on the ME. make sure your baud rate etc matches. Send strings out the serial port to the program port to control the ports connected to the ME. For example, to pulse relay # 4 connected to the ME send the following through the controlling serial port:


    assuming that the ME has device 5001 and the relays are port 7.

    Note the cr lf combo that the program port needs.
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    jabramsonjabramson Posts: 106
    Thanks. I know I can pick up a new card for dirt cheap, but since I'm still learning I like to set up some challenges. I'll give the telnet into the program port a try.
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    As Hedberg pointed out, the serial port is just as fuctional as the IP port, including using NetLinx Studio. When you set up your workspace, when you choose the Communication Settings, set it up as Serial instead of IP.

    If you want to use Master to Master, use the ICSNet as you suggested. Keep in mind that ICSNet is much slower than IP, so I would be careful with hammering it too much in a M2M setup, but there's no reason not having the IP should stop you.
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