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Zodiac Pools iAqaulink 2.0

I recently read that Zodiac Pools (aka Jandy) just released iAqualink 2.0 that allows for Smart Devices and Home Automation Integration. In my opinion this device will likely replace the Jandy 7620 Serial Adapter. The iAqualink puts a WiFi enabled webserver on your Jandy Pool/Spa controller. I am wondering if the device will allow for Telnet Control of your pool/spa as well. Has anyone seen the protocol or implemented this device yet? If it only allows for us to call up the app on a panel then it is of not benefit for higher level integration.

Any thoughts or info is appreciated

David Groves
High IQ Homes of Texas, LLC


  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I have already had a customer tell me to go ahead and delete the panel control for his Jandy because their app was better. But that's as much as I know about it. Jandy has, in the past, been very forthcoming and reasonable about protocols, so if it's possible to control it with something other than the app, they will probably provide what you need.
  • davegrovdavegrov Posts: 114
    iAquaLink 2.0


    Thanks for the reply. I do a bunch of the Low Voltage Integration for a local pool builder and I do think the app is nice but I'd still like the ability to include it in the control system. I emailed Zodiac and they suggested I contact the local rep. I've done some troubleshooting for them with the 7620 Serial adapter a few years ago. I will reach out to the rep and see who I need total to call at Zodiac.

    I've always been a proponent of embedded web servers on devices particularly for configuration and setup. I can not imagine it is too difficult allow for two way Telnet Control on the same board/chip. In my Google search I did find that Autelis makes a box that connects to the Jandy Box and uses http: A few years ago Homelogic also made a little brick that did the same thing. All nice but prefer to have something that has manufacturer support behind it.

    Once I get something I'll post it here for all to use. I'm guessing Serial Ports only have a few years left.

  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    It is also not impossible to use a netlinx master to interact with a web interface. I've done it in the past for several different reasons.
  • davegrovdavegrov Posts: 114
    iAqualink Update

    Last week I had the opportunity to call the Zodiac product manager for the iAqualink 2.0. He told me they are not providing tech support for the product and that all support comes from the control company. Sources within AMX that wrote their module told me that they had to sign an NDA with Zodiac to get the protocol. Zodiac will not release it to custom programmers.

    We all know that AMX modules are sometimes are not always what we want. The other bad news is the iAqualink processes all the commands through the Zodiac server. Dumb! I'm wondering if anyone has a "Packet Sniffer" to capture the commands. It does use HTML5 through http.

  • Does that mean we need to sign agreement with Zodiac in order to use iAqualink . Also do we need to have account with iAqualink in order to use their protocol ?
    Actually I need to control zodiac pool robot through my mobile application which is developed in C#.NET and Xamarin .
    But i do not have any package for iAqualink
    Kindly advise

  • Dear Team
    I wanted to integrate with latest Zodiac – Polaris Robotic Pool cleaner . I believe it is supported by iAqualink protocol
    I am interested to use iAqualink protocol to control pool robot and pool control automation in my mobile application developed using C#.NET and Xamarin .
    Kindly advise us or share if there is any plugin which can be used in my mobile application .

  • The Netlinx module is complete. Zodiac is validating the updated module in a test environment to confirm the server call frequency meets their specified frequency limitations. Once approved, it will be posted to the InConcert database. My guess is that it will not work for your non-AMX solution.

  • The updated module has been posted to InConcert. One of the key items that Zodiac is monitoring is call frequency. They require a new flag in code that tracks when a user is active/present. During this time, you can call home every 3 minutes but outside of that (like 2am) they want the call frequency to drop to 15mins for status updates.

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