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Panel intercoming - how to

Sorry to rise the topic again but it looks I could not find answers in old threads... Or solution is so obvious that it not needed to be said. Anyway I stuck on how to proceed and any advice is very welcome...

I have a few MVP-8400 and a few NXT-CV17. I would like to make intercoming between them (different combinations: mvp->nxt, mvp-mvp, nxt->nxt etc.) .

I see they mention Intercoming feature inside the MVP manual as well inside CV17. They said that NXA-AVB breakout box must be used for CV17...

But how indeed to implement the intercoming?


  • vincenvincen Posts: 526
    Concerning NXT-CV7 you can do intercom between them by getting micros and speakers through AVB and then connect everything to an audio switcher so it allows you to get any audio at any place at your leisure, and your control audio switcher from AMX master.

    Concerning MVP, AMX plans to add intercom functions in it but it's not yet done, and none estimated date of implementation is given :(

    Hope it helps..

  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Thank you, Vincen, for clarifications. That is what I suspected with MVP - intercoming is simply not implemeneted yet...
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