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Vision 2 Server

Can anyone help me with a Vision2 server (new one)

I am having a hard time sendind the API commands to record, stop and pause.

I have no idea how to generate a session ID(GUID)


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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598
    I may have found the answer here: http://www.amx.com//assets/manuals/Vision2v8.2.APIReferenceGuide.pdf
    Before using the Vision2 API you will need to generate a session ID. The session ID is a GUID (in the format xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx) which can be generated using any of the following websites
    Or by using a downloadable file obtained from http://guid.codeplex.com/releases/ API using a unique username
    You must also generate a unique username and ensure that you use the same username and guid together at all times. You will need to keep the session alive by calling the V2Master_KeepAlive command with the username and sessionID as parameters every 5 minutes. This mechanism is used to lock a service to your API so no other users in the system can interfere with the service you are modifying until you have finished."

    Did you take a look at the module on the product page? That may also be of assistance here. Let us know if you get stuck. We have a number of resources across the Technical Resource Organization, AMX University, and Professional Services that have interfaced with NI Masters and Vision2 that can assist.
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    RaphayoRaphayo Posts: 111
    The actual module is for the previous version of the Vision2. It's not functionnal with the actual Vision2 Server.

    for the sessionid you need to check inside the api document of vision2 8.2. you can download an app who will create you an sessionid number with a username.

    you will need to use that sessionid to record or connect to the vision2 server.
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