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Get file information from G5 touchpanel

In my touchpanels I like to include an info page. This shows serial numbers and firmware versions and several other things, as well as filenames and "last saved" dates for both the program and the touchpanel. The idea is to allow our service techs easy access to this information in case they need to call Tech Support.

On the G4 panels, I would use the Setup (port 0) buttons that automatically contain this information. In TPD5, there is no system page template, and almost all of the port 0 codes are gone. Fine, I says, I'll have my code telnet to the panel and get this. Well, no. While the panel does have a shell command to get (some of) this info, there is no access to the shell from your Netlinx program. Contrary to what the manual says, the G5 panels do not support telnet - only ssh.

I see three ways around this:
1. AMX can restore the port 0 functionality.
2. AMX can enable a telnet server on the G5 panels, even if it's off by default.
3. AMX can allow access to the panel's shell via send_command.
4. I can write an ssh client in Netlinx.

The first three involve the fool's errand of relying on AMX to change something. Number 4, I'm not sure I have the coding chops to do, assuming it's even possible. I certainly don't have the time.

Any ideas? I've already spoken with Tech Support and gotten an RFI generated.



  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    It's been said before that the G5 spec isn't finished yet. There is a good chance port 0 will be restored.
  • chillchill Luddite Posts: 186
    I read that too. Not so sure I can count on it happening before my project is due; install starts a week from now.
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