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cisco c40 communcation problem

I'm trying to control the c40 using the rs232 module from amx,
But no working...

Can anybody help what are the requirements?
What did I miss?


  • RogerSRogerS Junior Member Posts: 9
    Cisco have a password login on their RS-232 port.

    Have you disabled this?

    If not you can disable this in the Cisco menu with the remote control.
  • Don DeLongDon DeLong Junior Member Posts: 43
    I've had this problem pop up after commissioning a system, where the client's IT staff who manages the C40/60/etc. uploads a config to them remotely and turns on the password function again. Of course they don't want to give out the password either. Luckily you can still disable it with the remote as far as I've found.
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