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Russound MCA-C5 Module


I need to control Russound MCA-C5 audio switcher. I have Russound_MCA_C5_v1_0_0_dr1_0_0 AMX module, but it is not working: I can see in Netlinx's notification window that AMX trying to connect, but Russound doesn't answer. Also I see that Module set's RS232 speed to 115200, but in Russound RNET protocol manual written that speed is 19200, maybe this causes problem but I can't try another speed because communication mudule is compiled *.jar file.

Maybe someone has newer module file, or has successfull experience with this controller?

Thank you!


  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    The duet modules use a different way to control their default settings. Per the doc file for that module on amx.com, the way to change the baud rate would be like:
    Send_Command vdvDuetModule,'PROPERTY-Baud_Rate,19200'
  • depsdeps Posts: 27
    Thank you!

    Changed controller's protocol from RNET to RIO with Russound SCS Software, and AMX successfully connected.
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