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Mitsubishi Datawall S-70HE75CA


I am trying to control Mitsubishi S-70HE75CA datawall.Which is having 4 cubes is loop. First cube's RS-232 input port is connected to NI-4100 and output of first cube is coonected to the RS-232 input of the 2nd cube. Similarly for cube 2,3 and 4. I tried so many commands and combinations but not able to control even a single cube.

commands i am using are,

SEND_STRING dvDatawall,"$30,$30,$21,$0D" //power on

SEND_STRING dvDatawall,"$30,$30,$22,$0D" //power oFF
and i also tried

SEND_STRING 5001:1:0,"'00vP 0',$0Dh" //Power off
Also attaching the protocol file. Command string format and commands are mentioned on the page no 8 and 23 respectively.

any suggesations plz
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