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ELO TPI sticky keys

Eric YoungEric Young I should be at the beach.Posts: 14
I have trouble with an ELO and TPI Pro4DVI. Sometimes the buttons seem to not turn off when released. Entering in a number for a dialer will work for the first few numbers, then add ten or more of the next number without letting me select other numbers. Eventually it will cease entering numbers, then I can backspace and try to continue the data entry. The panel and master are on a closed network.


  • JasonSJasonS If I had known it was going to be that kind of party... Posts: 229
    Is this a multitouch Elo touch screen? I am dealing with the same issue right now. There is a specific version of firmware for the TPI PRO for Elo's with multitouch. It is a Hot Fix so you will have to get it from AMX Tech Support. BEWARE that with this firmware you CAN NOT use a keyboard and/or mouse, the firmware will only recognize 1 USB device!!!!! I am running that version of firmware and I am still having the same issues you describe. AMX has a ticket for this issue, and it is "In the Queue" for the firmware engineer. I hope that they get around to fixing it before my customer decides they don't want to deal with the issue any longer and decided not to use AMX going forward.

    I am not going to use the TPI PRO in the future because there are too many problems with it, it is not worth the trouble. At any decent resolution the screen draws are painfully slow. Using the system keyboard is ridiculous! Pressing the shift key causes a 10 - 20 second redraw where you can see each key individually change. You know how hard it is to type on a keyboard like that? And that is when one of the keys don't get stuck!!!!

    The biggest problem I have with using the TPI PRO is trying to figure out which Touch Screens will work with it! The supported Touch Panel List is almost worthless, most of the panels listed are out of production. No where on this list does it mention that Multi Touch of any kind is unsupported!!! AMX Tech Support is unwilling to make any recommendations on which Touch Panels work well with the TPI PRO. I was told that if you send them a Touch Panel in advance they will test it for compatibility.

    I am so frustrated with AMX in general, and this product specifically, as if you couldn't tell. I am fighting an uphill battle as an AMX programmer at my company. We have so many problems with AMX in the last 2 years that I am going to have to convert to Cr*&tron to stay employed!!!!

    Sorry I blew up.
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