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TPDesign 5 Font Rendering

tom82tom82 Junior MemberPosts: 17
One thing I was hoping for in TP Design 5 was that they'd have fixed the frankly appalling font rendering, but it looks like they haven't (see below image - the top text is a jpg, the bottom is button text).

Firstly, I don't understand how their sizes work - is it based on the physical size once it's on the panel? If so, why? No other graphics packages (photoshop, etc) do this, it doesn't make sense to me, and means that I have to translate what ever our graphic designer gives me into a different size.

But the main problem is anti-aliasing, or complete lack of it. I could sort of understand it on previous generations of touch panel as it's pretty difficult to do, but the G5 panels are Android, so why not use Android's perfectly acceptable rendering engine? We're currently doing an install for a client who is very picky about design - how am I supposed to tell him that his £1500 touch panel can't display his corporate font? Sure, I can put all the text in as images, but that makes dynamic text such as time & date very time consuming for a simple task!

Rant over, but please fix it AMX.
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