Benq MX850UST Control

CedricCedric Junior MemberPosts: 32

I'm trying to control from RS232 a Benq MX850UST
On the RS232 control documentation from Benq
- Baud Rate Default in 115200 bps
- Data Length 8 bit
- Parity Check None
- Stop Bit 1 bit
- Flow Control None
Power ON ASCII command : *pow=on#

the code is :
dvProj_RS232 = 5001:1:0
send_command data.device,'SET BAUD 115200,N,8,1 485 DISABLE'

SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,"*pow=on#"

I had try the different hexa command on the forum, but doesn't seem to work.

If anyone have any suggestion or any other protocol, thanks.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,166
    In Netlinx you use single quotes for ASCII strings

    SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,"*pow=on#"
    Should be
    SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,'*pow=on#'
  • CedricCedric Junior Member Posts: 32

    Thanks, had try both in fact (with single and double quote)
    I just receive a file from benq with all the rs232 general protocol, if someone need this file, just contact me.
    Also on this file for the power on the ASCII command is :
    <CR>*pow=on#<CR> so
    SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,'<CR>*pow=on#<CR>'
    and on Hexa:
    SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,"$0D,$2A,$70,$6F,$77,$3D,$6F,$6E,$23,$0D"
    Steel not working

    I will try to make an other rs232 cable, just to be sure, had take one already made.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,166
    Ummm.. The <CR> is a $0D hex.

    So, you have to make a hybrid string

    SEND_STRING dvProj_RS232,"$0d,'*pow=on#',$0d"

    They really should have covered this in Programmer 1 class.
  • CedricCedric Junior Member Posts: 32
    Yes, we had covered this in programmer1
    the problem was coming from the wire
    The one I was using for the test was working on other device but not the benq

    Had to make a ''special one'' for this connection
    Master -- Benq

    on the other cable only RX TX and GnD are connect
    Now it's working can turn on/off from ASCII or hex

    Thanks for your help
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