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Request: S4000 Module

MarkCoMarkCo Junior MemberPosts: 18

DOes anybody have the duet module for the iMerge S4000?
Can I have a copy pls...

Thanks a lot!!


  • MarkCoMarkCo Junior Member Posts: 18
    Anyone plss...
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    I just checked the AMX site and there is no duet module for it (or any other iMerge device for that matter) available. Only IR. Did you check the MoPedia section of the forum?
  • GregGGregG Just some guy... Posts: 249
    AMX used to have a netlinx module for "XiVA Link" devices which supported things link the ViaDj and the iMerge units (this is back in 2006 or so).

    I can't seem to find it in their database any longer though.
    Maybe someone at AMX can check if it got lost accidentally or just renamed out of the usual search terms.

    I did find the old version protocol document online: http://www.extremebayi.com/teknik/Dosyalar/Mode%20Jukebox%20RS-232%20Protocol.pdf

    But in order of preference I'd:
    1) Try to get the old module from AMX to test if it still works
    2) Just use IR, even if it means streaming the device video UI to all the panels.
    ...) Anything else
    9000) Write a new music server module using the protocol docs.

    Unless you plan to sell a lot of jobs with iMerges in them, then writing a new module is not the best idea. Most times it is far less expensive to change the hardware than write that much code.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    PM me with an email address. I have an old Netlinx version but it's not Duet. It's too big to post here. (5mb) I'll email or ftp link it to you.
  • MarkCoMarkCo Junior Member Posts: 18
    Solved: Found S4000 Module for iMerge

    Hey thanks for the help guys.
    I went to imerge website and registered as their partner (required to download module files) and got approved earlier this morning. I was able to find the s4000 module there, downloaded it and programmed it on the fly.

    If anyone is looking for the imerge s4000 module here is it..
    Its compatible with S4000, MS5000 and MS1

    Note by iMerge: When used for the S4000, you will need to remove the links to the Video Library as this functionality is not available on the S4000.
    Size: 1.2 MiB
    Date 2011-10-20
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