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ni2000 lan port

I have an older NI2000 that today the LAN port stopped communicating with the touch panel. I see that both port lights keeping blinking but there is no link to the switch or directly to the touch panel. I can connect to the NI2000 by serial port but not by LAN. Any ideas besides throw it away.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Yeah, if the NIC is indeed dead it's probably easier to just grab a new one off ebay.
  • haneyrhaneyr Posts: 15
    Problem turned out to be very strange. The system works in my test bench setup. But when I used a smaller 4 port LAN hub I got no connection from the CV12 touch panel and the NI2000. I tried two other hubs and got the same problem. But when I went to a 16 port hub it all worked. So not sure what the problem is or with what device. But I will use the working hub and go from there for now.
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