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MAX Server Repair or Used for Sale

I recently acquired a client who has a Max Server he used for music. It is supposedly broken and I don't think AMX repairs them anymore. Does anyone know who might repair them or still have a few sitting around in a stock room.

Thank You in advance

David Groves
High IQ Homes of Texas, LLC


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    The MAX server is just a linux server with a RAID array. It can be treated like any other computer.
    At this point in time there are cost effective alternatives that can replace it's functionality. You can replace an entire $100,000 MAX system for about $3k using HTPCs and XBMC. There are tons of more polished alternatives too that are cost effective.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I had a system with 3 Max servers that all died because of hard drive failures, and the client hadn't called us in because he was possibly selling his house. When the house sale didn't happen, he had us pull one for evaluation, and we were able to twist some arms at AMX to fix the it (the others were going to come later, we wanted to make sure it was even possible first), even though they were discontinued and out of warranty. I tried to talk the client out of it ... but his position was he spent a lot of money on the things and didn't want to abandon the system or replace it. I personally thought it was good money after bad at that point for a system over 6 years old, no matter how much it was worth originally. After all, who is going to fix a 1st gen plasma TV, even though they went for $10K or better when new? Keep a working one, maybe, but not fix it. But we did get it fixed, sans media of course.

    That said, I'm not sure they would do it again, and I don't think they have an obligation to either. You would do so much better in any case to sell them a new K-Scape or ReQuest (or, if you don't mind spending the time to patch their kludgy modules, an Autonomic).
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    Power supplies also go bad on the MAX server and are a simple off-the-shelf replacement.
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