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unicode in TP files

I was looking at this thread about the icon font with ligatures and it reminding me of all the stuff web like font-awesome, so I installed font-awesome.

But I can only get a few of the icons to show up in TP Design 4 or 5. The rest show up blank or the program complains the icon is corrupt or something.

Any ideas?


  • Where are the icons placed in the font? I have found placing them at the start of the Private use area U+E000 onwards gives the best results. What are the unicode values of the characters that show up verses the ones that don't.

    Ive had trouble trying to place icons within the unicode slots that appear in TPDesign's Character map. On insert the program says they are corrupt and refuses to insert them.
  • travistravis Posts: 180
    I was just trying them at random.


    xf001 doesn't work

    xf11a does

    I found a bunch of sites that generate fonts from their icon libraries. I want to try them out when I get some time.

    I'm working with a panel that is all graphics based buttons and 6 layers deep which is consuming all my time.
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