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RMS Home Manager

Hello All,

Trying to get myself started with RMS Home Manager but I'm completely lost with system requirements, versions etc...

I ordered RMS Home Manager which I received with a CD (FG3002-17). I want to use RMS to monitor my clients systems (residential).
Now, what I received is version RMS Server 3.3 which can only be installed on 32 bits Windows Server 2008 or 2003.
I just bought myself a nice server with 16Gb of Ram which of course can be exploited only with 64 bits OS!!

Then looking at the forums, I can see everyone talking about RMS 4.x which I can find available for download but under RMS Enterprise and that one runs on 32/64 bits.

So, am I doomed and stuck with the only alternative to run RMS Home Manager on 32 bits?

Thanks for the help.
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