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Any Experience with Enzo?

Has anyone used or integrated Enzo yet? I had one sold and ordered for a job this spring, but was told it was not ready for prime time yet (after being shown at InfoComm '13)!?
At that point I had no choice but to cancel the order, take it out of the job, and wait until it became an actual product. That time is supposedly here.
I would still like to sell it back into the job because it seems like a great solution. But I want some of you to beta (gamma?) test it for me first ;).


  • Greg,
    I've coded with it for the last 18 months and find it very easy to integrate. Several forum members have had hands on experience with it as well and I will let them chime in here. The native netlinx integration is quite nice. Here is a sample enzo code library from AMX Australia: https://github.com/AMXAUNZ/amx-enzo-library
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    I had a chance to dive in deep with one earlier in the year when I was working with the lovely ladies and gents at AMX AU. All up is was pretty nice from the integration front. Depending on your programming style the Enzo library that Chris linked should make you life a little simpler.

    If you want to see it in action check out one of the huddle spaces that was put together for AMX14.

    That systems integrates with all the file listing as well so you can plug in a USB drive / auth with DropBox and browse and interact with content on the TP rather than just the onscreen UI. It's also commented pretty heavily if there's anything that was a little interesting to work with.
  • gregrgregr Posts: 54
    Ok, thanks Chris and PhreaK, it sounds like the basic functionality is certainly there that would let the user interact with the a mouse/keyboard. But good to know about the integration w/Netlinx. I'm new to Github, so didn't know exactly what to look for there.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    gregr wrote: »
    I'm new to Github, so didn't know exactly what to look for there.

    It's just a code sharing site, if you're not a git user you can download a full copy of that project as a .zip here: https://github.com/AMXAUNZ/AMX14/archive/master.zip
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