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Arecont Cameras

Does any one have experience with Arecont cameras? Specifically the Megaball 2 and Megadome 2. I found an old thread, that these cameras are terrible...but that was several years ago. Anyone have more recent experience with them? Any issue with streaming view to AMX panels? Any network issues, or other integration issues?
Thank You


  • davegrovdavegrov Posts: 114
    I have a project with Arecont Cameras that are 5MP. The client is using Ganz Software on a Dell as their DVR. Not part of my install. To get images up on the TP I've and to strip out most of the extra TP pages to get memory freed up. This project has G4 panels.

  • trobertstroberts Posts: 228
    Any stand out issues with the camera?
    The issue I am seeing is that I can only have the video stream running on 3 maybe 4 panels at a time. The same is true for laptops...only 4 laptops will stream the video at the same time.
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