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RMS Configuration window

Greetings all - I have a few amx ni-700 - I just updated them to all the latest firmwares. When I navigate to the web control window for each of them I don't see the rms device config page link. Any tips.

I am following the below procedure as per page 69 of the RMS admin guide.

Access the NetLinx Master’s WebConsole:
From any PC that has access to the LAN that the target Master resides on:
a. Open a web browser and type the IP Address of the target Master in the Address Bar.
b. Press Enter to access WebConsole for that Master. The initial view is the Web Control page.
2. Click System to open the Manage System page.
3. Click the Manage Devices tab to view the Device Options (FIG. 108):
4. Under Device Configuration Pages, click on + Resource Management Suite. This displays the Configuration
option. Click on Configuration (FIG. 109):


  • Have you created and uploaded a program with the RMS module included?

    The management page will not be displayed in web control until that happens.

    If you want to pre-populate the info before uploading the program, you can do it in code on the online data_event for the RMS module using the "CONFIG.SERVER.URL", "CONFIG.SERVER.PASSWORD", "CONFIG.CLIENT.ENABLED" and "CONFIG.CLIENT.NAME" send_commands found in the SDK manual.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    What Paul said ^^^.

    If you don't currently have an RMS enabled project to load you can build one with RPM nice and quickly, or, if you're interested in getting your head around working with RMS from the code side and are still waiting to get along to a course there's a nice guide to help you get started here: http://developer.amxaustralia.com.au/.
  • cheers

    Ive booked into the two programmer courses i'm just waiting for enough numbers. I thought that might be the case and I thought I had implemented the code correctly but might be time to look again. thanks for the link.
  • rms window

    and now i have a window....weeeeeee
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