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Redundancy Solution

I am writing you to learn how it can implements a redundancy solution in an AMX application. A single Master Netlinx manages an entire 5-storey building; I would like to implement a redundancy solution with this philosophy: there are two Netlink Master, one declared as "Master" and one declared as "Slave"; when the "Slave" realizes that no longer communicates with the "Master" or the "Master" has problems, "Slave" becomes "Master"; of course the touch panel automatically changes the Netlinx Master and the two Master Netlinx periodically must exchange data. Once the first Netlinx come back up; this becames "Master" again and second Netlinx becames "Slave". Is it possible?


  • C.HouliarasC.Houliaras Junior Member Posts: 53
    There is a tech note specifically about this, but I don't have the link handy do a quick search in the tech notes section.
  • CedricCedric Junior Member Posts: 32
    I might be working on the same kind of project, so had this Tech Note:
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    This subject has come up many times and the answer is "sorta" but not in a practice sense. The answer really is no since it would involve a whole lot of configuration for IPbased AMX devices as well as physical connection stuff.

    Probably the best approach is to set up a second master with only one job: making sure the main master is online and functioning correctly. You could do quite a few things like checking the master to master health, an IP poll, an rs232 response, and IR heartbeat, etc.. I'd do all these things and telnet in as well. If the main master bites, hook up a power controller to the monitor master to power cycle the main and reboot it. the main can also monitor the sentry master to let you know when it's musbehaving.

    All this to say there is really no good way to make a rollover feature like you can an Oracle server or whatnot.
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