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Port/Device/Virtual Device Limitations?

Working on a system that has a good amount of stuff involved, and I'm trying to connect everything to RMS. I'm having some problems and I'm wondering what are the limitations on an NI-3100 processor? or any other one for that matter. Just a general question.

In my online tree it shows at the bottom left, number of Masters/Devices/Ports. Are there limits on any of these? I think probably Masters, limit = 200, right? but what about Devices/Ports and Virtual Devices or Java Modules (I know with modules, it depends on how complicated they are) but has anyone run into limits on any of these, a number that they just know isn't allowed and won't work?

Any input is appreciated.

PS. What I'm trying to control and/or monitor with RMS:
4 Cisco Codecs, 22 Planar displays, 10 Samsung displays, blu-ray player, 2 cable tv's, 2 satellite boxes, Qsys DSP w/ 4 phone lines, 3 matrix switchers, 4 touch panels, and 2 other IR devices




  • rfletcherrfletcher Junior Member Posts: 217
    As far as I'm aware there aren't hard limits, aside from 200 total ip connections (which includes direct M2M connections as well as connections to native devices like touch panels, server ports opened by the os on the controller like telnet, and any connections opened by the program). However, at some point probably well before that limit becomes an issue you are going to either run out of memory or cpu cycles. It's highly dependent on how chatty the modules you are using and how much memory they consume. By my count you have at least 37 ip devices, unless you have some EXBs. That's a lot, if all of those devices keep the connection open all the time and are chatty I'd be real nervous about a single controller having enough cpu power to avoid bogging down.

    You should check your cpu usage and memory usage, and probably need to allocate more duet memory if you have a lot of java modules.
  • javedwahidjavedwahid Junior Member Posts: 37
    Sorry, I'm really late to respond to my own thread. Thanks for your input. You were right, it turns out it was memory. i was running out of VOLATILE Memory on the NI-3100. Had too much allocated to Java Memory, but still after reclaiming some it wasn't enough. Eventually just got an NX-3200 to replace the NI-3100 and everything is running much smoother now. No running out of memory.


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