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xtekguruxtekguru Junior MemberPosts: 2
I am a certified Installer and Designer of AMX- I am now transitioning into programming... I only have a NI700 and NXV-300 at my disposal to practice with and that should be all thats needed... Yes, I have a Biamp Nexia TC for my DSP as well as other componets to control via rs232 and ir......

Question: "Define Device" what is the Modero NXV-300 defined as... I continue to get an error when compiling... ?


  • xtekguruxtekguru Junior Member Posts: 2
    I was able to find out my mistake... colon instead of a decimal... smh....
  • GregGGregG Just some guy... Posts: 249
    You should definitely sign up for an AMX programming class to get these basics.

    But since I know how I love to hack at stuff even before I get to the class, here is a basic define device section that would cover all the ports in your NI700, plus the NXV-300 (my assumption is you have the NXV-300 set for address 10001 in it's settings, this cannot be influenced by code and has to be set on the device)
    (* NI 700 Ports:  1+2  = Serial, No Relays, 3 = IR, 4 = IOs (4), 5 = IR Rx port *)
    dvNI700_Serial_1	=	5001:1:0
    dvNI700_Serial_2	=	5001:2:0
    dvNI700_IR		=	5001:3:0
    dvNI700_IO		=	5001:4:0
    dvNI700_IR_INPUT	=	5001:5:0
    (* NXV300 using address 10001 *)
    dvTP_Port1		=	10001:1:0	//	For buttons on address/channel port 1
    dvTP_Port2		=	10001:2:0	//	For buttons on address/channel port 1
    dvTP_Port3		=	10001:3:0	//	For buttons on address/channel port 1
    // ... can add more as needed

    Good luck ;-)
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