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BSS Soundweb Protocol Analyzer Available For Wireshark

Those of you who deal with third-party control of BSS Soundweb devices may have encountered the need to inspect the data traveling between devices. Soundweb is a binary protocol, which is great for reducing the amount of data that travels over the network. The disadvantage to this method is that the data is not human-readable, which can make troubleshooting difficult.

To solve this problem, I created a Soundweb dissector plugin for Wireshark, a popular network analyzer utility. Using the Soundweb dissector, the binary protocol data is displayed alongside of its corresponding decoded, human-readable values. For example, the hexadecimal value FFFEF072 traveling across the network would be decoded and displayed as -14.2 dB, a far easier value to understand. An example of this is shown in the Soundweb dissector screenshot.


Start using the Soundweb protocol dissector by following the links below.

Download The Soundweb Dissector:

Download Wireshark:
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