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I was just wondering, do any employees of AMX read these forums?
Is this a reasonable place to request help if we are dealing with a technical issue that dosn't require an immediate response or should we just call tech support? I would rather ask a non-urgent question here in the forums instead of tying up a technician who could be helping someone that is onsite. The other reason I like posting nonurgent matters is that it brings more brains into the mix. If I stumble across an odd problem that tech support isn't familiar with, other people in the forum may have encountered the same problem and have found a workaround or in the least can provide more details to help tech support to resolve the problem.



  • KevinKKevinK Posts: 29
    I've spoken with at least two tech support guys who just signed up for the forums. I agree that the forums are a good spot for "quirky" problems that are not urgent. I've already had answers from peers on a couple of issues. I'm very happy to have this as a resource :D:D:D

  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Another idea.

    I'm not sure if there is already a place for this, but how about a section in the forums for feature/product requests? A place for us to submit ideas on how to improve a product, or products we find a need for? Maybe an engineer could occasionally provide status reports of products in development. I know that AMX does do market research before designing and releasing products, maybe this could be a part of that.


    Sorry for the flurry of posts.... had a bit of caffeine this mornin :)
  • This is a GREAT resource. I hope more people sign up and begin reading it daily. For years I have wanted a solid resource for AMX matters. This isn't a professional thing for me; it's a hobby. Everything I do is for my own home. As such I try not to bother AMX tech support unless I'm really in a bind, and usually only with hardware issues.

    In the past there have been a couple of Yahoo! groups that have provided me with great information, but they didn't get much activity. Since this is an "official" forum, I'm hoping things will be different.
  • We're still getting used to these forums just like everyone else ... not sure if Tech Support has someone assigned to keep an eye on the Technical Forum or not.

    But there are quite a few of AMXer's like myself who check them 4-5 times a week and answer what we can. I wouldn't consider the forums an official channel though.
  • AMX Employees

    Hi Kids! Moderator here.:-)
    EVERY ONE of your posts are being read by lil' 'ol me in the Techincal forum and the Education forum. I am not a technical person but I am forwarding your posts to the proper departments to assist in your requests/suggestions. Jason Debus is one of many AMXers perusing the forums to assist where they can, but, no one is "ASSIGNED" to do this.

    Happy Posting :-) cb
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917

    Thank you for the reply and thank you for forwarding the messages to the appropriate people when possible.

    Is there any way for AMX Employees to be distinguished from dealers and end users? Maybe an icon or a title or something that can't be used by non employees. This way we know when we are dealing with AMX employees and we can suck up appropriately ;)

    Just a thought,
  • HA! You made me giggle!

    Ha! You made me giggle, Jeff! I can make the suggestion to the appropriate entities. The worst thing they can do is say no. :-) cb
  • You and your big ideas!

    Good news! We will be adding AMX Employee titles to all the AMX Employee profiles. YAY!

    Keep up the good stuff coming.
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Re: You and your big ideas!
    Originally posted by Cathy Browning
    Good news! We will be adding AMX Employee titles to all the AMX Employee profiles. YAY!

    Keep up the good stuff coming.

    This is good news! It let's me know that I have a voice (suddenly the room seems a little small for my head).

    Thanks for the great work Cathy!

  • TimmaaTimmaa Posts: 9
    Waz up

    Cathy thanks for helping us out here in lala land. Long time no see.
    Keep Fawzi and Chad in line.
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