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Help connecting to an FTP server to upload a file from a Master


i need to connect to an FTP server (FileZilla) from Netlinx so i can upload a file from the Master to the FTP server folder (on a Windows PC).

Years ago i was able to connect to an FTP server using the "i!-FTPSender", but now that module is discontinued from AMX.

In any case, i´m still trying to connect to the Filezilla server using my old FTPSender module, but i´m getting "425 Bad IP connecting" errors (at Netlinx notifications) which comes from the NetLinx FTP server (which seems to be a "vsFTPd" server).

Do you have any experience working with FTP transfering files?
Do you know why do i get that error or could i do what i´m trying?

Thank you!


I have successfully tested the "FTPSender" module in an old Ni-700 master. I´m pretty sure that the problem is between the protocol used at the module and the FTP server version installed at the Master.
From 3 tests made on 3 different masters:

The old Ni-700 has a VxWorks 6.3.
> FTPSender works.
Newer Ni-3100 has a Wind River FTP Server 6.5 ----> FTPSender does not work.
New Nx-2200 has a vsFTPd ----> FTPSender does not work.

The connection process is as follows:

/*** Commands to Master FTP server ***/
1.- Socket connection to Master FTP server (own IP).
2.- Send user and password
3.- Logged in successfully.
4.- Enter passive mode.

/*** Commands to remote FTP server ***/
5.- Socket connection to remote FTP server (FileZilla).
6.- Send user and password.
7.- Send PORT command to stablish IP/Port connection with the Master FTP server.
8.- PORT command successfull.
9.- Open data channel for file upload.

/*** Error from Master FTP server ***/
10.- 425 ERROR. Bad IP connecting (or other kind of message depending on the server).

Any information of how to stablish a good connection from a Master FTP server would be helpfull.
Or if you know a way to enter a Master´s file system to access vsFTPd´s configuration file, it would be great.

Thanks for your help.


  • Hi, I have the same question but I was able to verify that an NX master running an old firmware version (v1.3.92) was working; instead the FTP Sender module is not working with a later firmware version
    It would be great to fix this issue

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