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Internet Inside?

Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated ProgrammerPosts: 1,917
Which Internet Inside applications are your favorites and why? Do you think that any of them qualify as a must have in every job you do? Do you have any success offering any of them as options at additional cost to the client?


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  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    If they have Internet, they get i!-TimeManager or i!-Schedule. i!-Schedule uses a boatload of persistent memory though, and I've had to come up with my own alternatives on very large projects.

    Being mainly a resi dealer, I haven't had much call for the others.
  • LCubed@snet.net[email protected] Junior Member Posts: 38
    I'd have to say TimeManager and EmailPlus are the two I use most of the time. I like being able to email myself or the dealer whenever something goes wrong or needs attention. And keeping the time up to date is also very nice.
  • jeffacojeffaco Junior Member Posts: 121
    Frequently used modules

    Ha! Interesting that I!-TimeManager should come up.

    I wrote TimeSync and gave it to AMX with my thanks (they did a bunch of things for me that I seriously appreciated). AMX made a couple of changes (nothing major) and made it available as I!-TimeManager.

    I believe that sharing source code is a good thing. You can find TimeSync (and all my modules) up on SourceForge at:


    As for what I use the most: I use TimeSync of course (since I wrote it). I also use syslog a lot. Syslog is a common logging mechanism that logs via a syslog server of your choice, and supports on-the-fly changes to logging level (you can attach to a NetLinx master and change the logging levels, on a per-module basis, via the debugger). Syslog is nice to find problems that may not be apparent to the end-user, but none the less is stuff that should be looked at.

    Since I use Audiotrons a lot for music, I use AudiotronMod a lot (a NetLinx module that lets you interface with the Turtle Beach Audiotron via TCP/IP). Most of the rest of the stuff are just modules to help drive devices (Pioneer Plasma, Meridian, Runco, RadioRA, etc).

    BTW, I wrote my own RadioRA module. It has two advantages over what AMX provides: (1) Source is available at the WWW site above, and (2) It supports multiple RS-232 transmitters (if you need to set up multiple "homes" because you exceed the 32 switch limit). The module works out which transmitter is active at the time, and makes sure that the two transmitters don't step on one another (since, even if you have two transmitters, you only have one frequency to send/receive on).

    If other people have interesting modules to share, I'd be thrilled to put them up on SourceForge. I can either make interested folks a developer for the NetLinx-Modules project, or I can just add the modules myself. Just contact me offline. Thanks!

    -- Jeff
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