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EDID -Which work best for AVR's

davegrovdavegrov Junior MemberPosts: 114
I have an Enova DGX with 1 HDMI input card and 1 Twisted Pair Output board. There are 3 Twisted Pair Receivers connected to a Denon AVRX-3100, A Denon S5BD 5.1 Receiver and a Marantz Preamp. About 50% of the time I do not get any audio on start up from the 3 sources (Tivo Roamio Pro, Motorola FIOS Cable Box and Request MP+). If I go between an SD Station and and HD Station it will sometimes allow audio to pass. I set the EDID To the 1080p Dolby Digital file on the two TV sources. Any suggestions or do I need to disconnect the switch when turning a device off and let it reunite the handshake?

David Groves


  • trobertstroberts Member Posts: 228
    I have most often found that issues related to audio is either firmware or the build of RX box that you have. In NS goto your online tree and see what build of RX box you have if it is HDMI-RX.e or higher then it is likely firmware. If it is below (e) it could be firmware, but it may also be the box.
  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Box ID

    Thank You for the reply.

    The are RX.c boxes. These units are part of my Demo Unit in my home. When I first installed these boxes about 21 months ago everything worked well but after a few firmware updates the audio would not always pass through. Recently the Switcher was in for repair and I upgraded all of the firmware to the latest release without any issues.

    This weekend I copied the EDID from one of my AVR's (Denon AVRX-3100), and pasted it into the EDID for my Tivo Roamio and Motorola FIOS Inputs thinking it would work. They all do 1080P and HBR Audio. I've had limited success.

    Typically the Tivo requires I remove the HDMI cable and Re-sync the DX Receiver or reboot the DX Receiver to get any audio to pass. I'm a little more successful with the FIOS box. Usually I can go to an SD Channel and get stereo to pass. After a few minutes I can then go to an HD Channel and it will pass the Dolby Digital Audio. All of he receivers are set to Auto Decode the incoming signal.

    Do I need to b go back to AMX for Receiver upgrades?

    David Groves
    High IQ Homes of Texas, LLC

    P.S. My wife is not a happy AMX customer because of this. She can't believe I sell it.
  • trobertstroberts Member Posts: 228
    I would chalk it up to the box. We spent weeks maybe months trying to convince support that it was the box. I am just guessing, but you will likely need to buy a new box....unless you don't mind the back and forth. For me the boxes were a night and day difference. Plug the new ones in and all my audio issues were gone.
  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114

    My son turned on the TV connected to the Denon AVR and did not get any audio. I did a reboot of the DX Receiver by removing the RJ45 connector and plugging it back in the box. It then passed the audio. I believe that it might be the boxes as well. Going to see if the will exchange since the are under warranty.

    Any others with similar experience?
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