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NX1200 IOs stuck high

Has anyone had any issues where an NX master's IO remain high after receiving a pulse command? It is staying on even after sending it an OFF command. Code is as follows;

stack_var integer nloop
Pulse [dvMaster_IO,1]
Wait 10
Pulse [dvMaster_IO,1]
For (nloop=1;nloop<=12;nloop++)
SEND_STRING dvBose,"'SA"#Rm',ITOA(nloop),'">2=0',13"
Off [dvMaster_IO,1]


  • How are the IO's configured?
    Did you configure the IO's at all?
    Look up SET INPUT in the AMX PI
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Try TOTAL_OFF[dvMaster_IO,1] . I'm sure someone can chime in on the details I've forgotten, but there are cases when you can turn a device off, but the feedback doesn't follow.
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