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Need help with AMX Axlink 6 button keypads SP-06-AX-UK


We have an auditorium which bought two new 6 button axlink keypads.And there is an exsiting AMX radia eclipse dimmer which is also connected by axlink from the Ni 3100 controller.

AMX Radia dimmer address is 224:1:0
Axlink Switch 1 is 130:1:0 (Located in AV control room)
Axlink Switch 2 is 129:1:0 (Located in Stage area)
Both the axlink switches 1 and 2 have identical functions

The above three devices are daisy chained by Axlink from Ni 3100 to Radia dimmer to Switch 1 to switch 2.
Distance is less than 10 mts from the NI controller to swicth 2.

My problem is when all the devices are connected ,the axlink switches dont work but if i were to remove axlink switch 2 ,then the axlink switch 1 works in both areas (stage and control room) but switch 2 doesnt.

Is there a limit to the no of devices you can put on one single axlink bus
Or is it because of lack of electrical power going to the devices when all three devices are connected.

Also in the program on the online tree shows the axlink devices has 'unknow devices AMX' but their corresponding address 130 and 129 are shown

Thanks in advance


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    Some basic troubleshooting will find the issue. Cut any problem in half, and see which side still has the problem.

    1. The limit of devices on AXLINK is far higher than you will ever hit. That's not it.
    2. If you suspect distance, why not wire them at the NI and try again? (It's not distance)
    3. If Switch 1 works if switch 2 is not connected, if you physically swap switches when it is working, does the other switch actually work in the working location?
    4. Does the working switch work in both locations?
    5. If the devices show at their set addresses, the AXLINK polarity is right, so that's not it.
    6. If you suspect shortage of POWER, apply separate power to Netlinx and to the AXLINK network.
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    Just out of curiousity, what kind of keypads are you using? I notice that your keypad addresses are adjacent, and there was an AXLink keypad that used two addresses. I don't remember the model number, but it was a six button with a wheel and dot-bargraph. If you gave it an address via the DIP switches of 129, and did an online refresh, you could see two devices at 129 and 130.
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    Sorry, I just noticed the model of your keypad in the title of your post. Never mind...
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    Axlink power and distance was not the issue but it was program since both switches where identical i had copied the program from switch 1 to switch 2 but forgot to rename the device name from dv_switch1 to dv_switch2

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