Cannot control a Lumens DC 162 Doccam serially

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Hi All,
I'm having a few issues with a Lumens Document camera. It's a DC-162.

The RS-232 manual specifies a D-9 connector, but it's actually a 3.5mm. That part I've tried a few different combinations, but there's no valid pinout.

Have tried a bunch of different strings from the manual, at a bunch of different baud and with a bunch of different pinouts. Anyone here had any experience with these beasties?



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    I Well,
    This is just good ole troubleshooting 101.

    On the serial connection - most likely the 3.5 mm is

    Sleeve - ground
    Tip - either RX or TX
    Ring - the opposit of tip.

    If AMX side is D-Sub 9...
    Pin 5 is ground.

    Pins 2 and 3 are RX/TX. (I'm at a car shop now and can't remember which)

    If I were in your shoes, I'd try the cable with my computer first. I'd use PuTTY and the serial connection and make sure I could talk to the box that way. If the company has an app that works for control, try it first to make sure the connection is good.

    [edited to add]. I checked the website and manual and saw they have software to control the scope from a computer. So, you are in good shape. I'd load the software and test your cable that way first. Then once you are controlling from the app you can gather the codes being sent. Many apps will even tell you what strings are being sent. Otherwise there are many port sniffers you can use to scrape the strings. [end of added edit]

    Once you are able to talk to it with the computer, then move over to the AMX master.

    I sometimes start with the AMX master if the control strings are hex as I find it easier to test from there than a terminal program.

    Hope that helps.
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    i have control that type of device (Dc-265) the actual command i send to the unit are:

    power on: $a0,$b0,$01,$00,$00,$af
    power off: $a0,$b0,$00,$00,$00,$af
    system status: $a0,$b7,$00,$00,$00,$af

    for power command, the response receive from the camera should be the same has you send.

    for the system statyus the byte #4 should be your power status.
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