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AXB-TMC getting degaussed

I've got some AXB-TMCs connected to my system. Two of the boxes are connected to large Sony Trinitron CRT televisions that have a monter degaussing setup. Many times, when the sets fire up and degauss, they scramble the LEDs on the clock display, and sometimes (about one in 10 power cycles), cause the entire TM to lock up (AXLink LED stops flashing, drops offline). I have tried putting them in several different places, have used a sheilded cable for AXLink connection, made grounding strap directly to AXB's chassis, but nothing seems to completely eliminate the problem. Any ideas?


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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Have you tried to shield the box rather than grounding it? A small metal box around the AXB-TMCs and tie that to the same ground as the TV's.
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    KennyKenny Posts: 209
    TMC Scramble

    Open the unit and check to make sure that the screws holding the pc board are installed properly.
    On one of the screws there is a grounding eyelet. On some of the units a plastic washer was placed between the eyelet and screw head keeping the pc board from making contact to ground.
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