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Are there any CSV parsers floating around on this forum?

travistravis Junior MemberPosts: 180
I wrote one a long time ago, but it kind of sucked.

You can't search the forum for "CSV". Searching for "parser", I didn't see anything.


  • PhreaKPhreaK Senior Member Posts: 966
    If you're just wanting to read the data into a two (well, technically 3) dimensional array what about iterating over each line with explode(..).
  • PsyenceFactPsyenceFact Junior Member Posts: 29
    You could use DuetParseCmdParam from SNAPI.axi to separate a CSV string into individual parameters. Something along the lines of:
    define_function integer ParseCSV(char cCSVString[], char cParameters[][])
    	stack_var integer nNumParameters  // number of parameters found in cCSVString
    	nNumParameters = 0
            while (length_array(cCSVString)) {
                cParameters[nParameters] = DuetParseCmdParam(cCSVString)
    	set_length_array(cParameters, nNumParameters)
    	return nNumParameters
    The total number of variables in the CSV line is returned from the function, and the individual variables are returned in whatever variable was passed as cParameters.

  • travistravis Junior Member Posts: 180

    I found some java article about CSV and converted it to netlinx. It's a mess. Seems to mostly work. I've lost interest.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    It seems to me that is would be as much work adapting a general parser to specific data as writing a new one each time. There is too much variance in how a CSV can store data. Just read it in, line-by-line, and break it into tokens at the commas. What you do with the tokens is the trick, and that is different for every data set.
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