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RMS Enterprise and Scheduling Interface with Touchpanels


I know that i should not instantiate multiple RMS module instances with RMS Enterprise. I want to know how many Netlinx Masters i need for a following configuration: 10 room (that can be more than 30) and one touchpanel S for each room (outdoor) with only room booking solution. I would to use RMS Enterprise also for RMS-ENT-QR. Is it necessary only one master? If yes, i have just to think redundancy of entire system.
What is the rule in this case? A room with a touch S outdoor; only scheduling solution.

Thank You.


  • Dennis E.Dennis E. Posts: 27
    if you're only going to handle bookings on the master than I can say that 10 room panels on one NI-700 works fine.
    I've got 7 masters running 70 rooms with 70 booking panels, the CPU load is almost none so you could use more if you want to.
    There is not much traffic between the master and the RMS server during run time.
    The bookingevents that runs on the masters are run through a list that is push from the RMS server to the master when the master reinits or each new day.
    Most traffic that runs from the master to the RMS server and VS are HEARTBEAT, New/End/Updated bookings and Hotlist changes.

    We decided to use 10 per master because there where max 10 single smallrooms on each floor at this project.
    So both updates and issues would be easier to handle (you don't need to rush between different floors).

    I've handle the GUI without the DUET GUI JAR file which I think is the biggest burden for the master (haven't done any test on this, but it's sends a lot of data both internaly (inside DUET) and externaly)
    The reason for this is because my end client wants things/functions on the booking panel that the GUI JAR can't handle and the things that it does the client doesn't want.
    /Dennis, DeTeK Sweden
  • Thank You very much for answer.
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