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Metreau communicator password issues

I am working on setting up an intercom system using the Metreau Gate Communicator and several iPads as station monitors using TPC. I have installed a VOIP server to set up the SIP and have it route the panels to each other.
My problem is with the Metreau, I was working with its Web Console yesterday and now cannot log in with the default AMX password. I don't recall making any changes.
Is there a way to do a reset to factory settings to the metreau if I cannot log into it?


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    As the documentation explains in the QUICK START and full manuals, there's a hole on the back to reset with a toothpick or pin. Hold it in until after you hear it a relay click inside signifying it has reset.

    Be sure you are giving it all the power it wants. The units can act strangely (like not work sometimes, not let you in) if the POE isn't to its liking. I have personally "fixed" several "dead" METECOMs by using a better power injector.
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    I'm IN!

    Thanks John,

    I've printed out the entire entry communicator manual and had FedEx spiral bind and put a cover on it for reference.
    I was scouring through it trying to find this answer. I suppose I couldn't see the forest for the trees!

    Thanks again.

    Does the same reset apply to NI controllers (back to DHCP and default UserName and Password?)
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    No, there's no reset button on the processors.
    There is a method that escapes me at the moment, but you can't use it if the security is set to keep you out, and you can't recall your password. That would take a visit to AMX repair!

    I know someone will chime in with the defaulting info for processors... I'm away from my info.
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