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Data Events with % character in data.text


Im currently programmig a Duet Module where i need the % character is used in a similar way as for instance the ^RMF command to pass parameters.

Now i have some strange things happening! When is send a command "%A", i receive the value 0X1.0E99800000017P-1020 in the data listener of the duet module. When i send the command %S, the controller reboots (new NX-2200 ) or hangs (NI-2100) with java router not going back to 0 when i do 'show buffers' in telnet (what is the java router for anyway? is it messages that could not be sent yet to the java modules?).
Can i do something against this? Why is it happenign at all?

I attached a workspace with a little demo-source and the java file from the duet module inclued in 'Other', just go to controll a device and send a command or a string to 41001:1:1.

Thanks for your help


  • AMXJeffAMXJeff Posts: 450
    Yes, I have seen this too. Sometimes it causes the master to reboot. I chased my tail for a day trying to figure out why my module locked up solid. It was because of log debug statements, I wish it was just the url encoded escape characters (%20), but it's not.

    My module was locking up after an hour or so, so after ripping apart my code. I decided to test with DEBUG-1, and it was rock solid.
  • GarCollGarColl Posts: 9
    It looks like the problem was my system.out.println() in the data event. I am guessing that the mehtod takes its string as a regular expression where some % are expecting a value after (similar to FORMAT). I didnt look into it further though. Probably the debug also does nothing else than some println...
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