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Recommended VNC?


What would be the recommended VNC program for G4 usage? I have used several with success, but I'm wondering what the official (or unofficial) recommendation is. Hopefully it would be one of the free ones.

Thank you.


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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908

    I like to use RealVNC. The only issue I've had before - and I don't know if the problem is with the G4 panel or the RealVNC software - was when I was entering text from my keyboard. The panel would get all freaky and sorts when I did that. Such as entering in the protected setup password. Other than that, RealVNC works great - and it's free. It can be used as a client or a server, so you can use it to view your panel from a PC, or for your panel to view your PC.

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    JoeJoe Posts: 99
    I ran into an issue related to VNCs yesterday. We had originally installed TightVNC on the client PCs, but their IT department insisted that WinVNC be used (not sure why, maybe for other interal purposes?). Anyway, we loaded the new firmware into the VG1500 and found the G4 screen not refreshing correctly. After talking to tech support, it was determined that WinVNC does not play well with G4 computer control. TightVNC has never given us any problems, so we loaded it back onto the customer PCs and everything works well. Checking the Remove Desktop Wallpaper box helps with refresh handling.

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    matt95gsrmatt95gsr Posts: 165
    My personal favorite is ultravnc (ultravnc.sf.net). Over the years, I've used bunches (tightvnc, realvnc, etc). I found better refresh rates and faster response with ultravnc a couple years back. Plus they had some things such as chat, file transfer, and NT authentication that weren't very widely available at that time. I still use it now, and have had no problems with it.
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    generally i use RealVNC. seems to work mostly fine.

    by the way Mac OSX now has VNC built in.

    i found i could G4 PC control to the Mac fine from a Wireless MVP-8400, but from a hardwired CV7 the refresh rate was dismal, about a frame a minute (both setups were to the same Mac).

    not sure why that problem is there, but otherwise the client and i were pleased to see the Mac on a G4.
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    vincenvincen Posts: 526
    by the way Mac OSX now has VNC built in.

    Curious to learn that VNC is built in in Mac OSX, if so, how do you use it ? as till now I used Chicken of the VNC client to connect to Moderos from my mac computers.


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    Prompted by this thread, I was going to try operating my OS X 10.4 machine from a PC, and was getting ready to install a Mac OS VNC server on it.

    Are you saying there's already one there? Perhaps I just need to go into a control panel to turn it on?

    That would be slick...

    - Chip
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    ah yep, but i am not a Mac user.

    the people who own them have turned it on.

    in a control panel somewhere.. called remote access(ish), possibly in a firewall setting somewhere.

    check the mac help, i am sure that's where it is described.
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    I had assumed that Apple's remote desktop feature was specifically for their client software to take advantage of. I tried turning that on last night though, and was prompted for a bunch of options including some VNC settings. I went back upstairs to my XP laptop and was able to do some MP3 management in iTunes from it - pretty cool... It was slow, BUT - an automatic virus scan had kicked in on my laptop at the same time I was trying this, and I was on an 11Mbs WiFi connection instead of 100 BaseT Ethernet. I still kinda marvelled at the fact I was able to do it at all.

    - Chip
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