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Modero X camera stream not playing

We have an MXT-700 and MXT-701 right now, and I want to try making video calls between them.

I noticed that sending the command '?CAM' returns 'CAM-0,1' which according to the manual means that the camera is not supported and enabled. I don't think I was shipped with the wrong camera installed, but I may have to try other firmwares for this.

On the MXT-701, entering 'cam://local' on the camera settings streaming video URL results Can't play this video. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something that has to be done prior doing this? Is there a simple program somewhere to demonstrate this feature?


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    Generally you need to start the stream between the two devices. See PDF pages 119-120 here in the panel programming guide:
    Flip to the videocom page w/ 2 video fill windows:
    // Window 1:5 is 160x120
    // Window 1:6 is 640x480
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, 'PAGE-Videocom'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, 'PAGE-Videocom'
    Enable the local camera preview:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^SDM-5,0,cam://local'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^SDM-5,0,cam://local'
    Prepare for the remote feed:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^SDM-6,0,rtp://'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^SDM-6,0,rtp://'
    Set up intercom between the 2 panels:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^ICS-,8000,8002,2'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^ICS-,8002,8000,2'
    Actually start sending video traffic to each other:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^VCS-'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^VCS-'
    Actually start sending audio traffic to each other:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^ICM-talk'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^ICM-talk'
    Say goodbye, shutdown all inter-panel traffic:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^ICE'
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^VCE'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^ICE'
    SEND_COMMAND 10002, '^VCE'
    Broadcast to many panels from Panel 10001:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, 'PAGE-Videocom'
    Enable the local camera preview
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^SDM-5,0,cam://local'
    Optionally prepare the local panel to see the remote feed:
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^SDM-6,0,rtp://'
    Add in all the participating panels
    SEND_COMMAND xxxxx, '^SDM-6,0,rtp://'
    Set up broadcast intercom w/ ICS, ICM if desired:
    // end call
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^ICE'
    SEND_COMMAND 10001, '^VCE'
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    Thank you Chris, but I think I should be able to see the camera stream from the panel setup page of both the G4 and G5 panels. I tried sending the command ?CAM to the G4 panel and got this
    Line      1 (09:24:02):: Command To [10003:1:3]-[?CAM]
    Line      2 (09:24:02):: String From [10003:1:3]-[CAM-0,1]

    which means that my camera is not supported, but enabled.

    One other thing, I noticed that videocom is not supported on the G5 panels yet. Will it be supported?
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