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Log Parameter status changes w/o "bad" status indications

Looked through various options for Status Types, etc. and can't find a way to do what I'm trying to...

I want to log certain informational status changes in the Asset Logs of certain Assets. In order to do that, it looks like I have to make Threshold(s) for the status transitions I want to log.

However, as soon as I make a Threshold and that threshold is tripped, the asset Status (and the system Status that's shown on the Dashboard) is updated to show the asset/system in a bad state (i.e. red dot on the Dashboard).

Is there a way to log changes of asset states without having the "bad" icon for the asset/system when the status change occurs?



  • pdabrowskipdabrowski Posts: 184
    You have 2 options on this;

    The first is to set the status type within the parameter threshold dialog of the asset to "not assigned" which will stop the tripped threshold from showing as "bad" in the dashboard but will still be logging in the database.
    I use this method to stop showing wireless touchpanel battery status alerts.

    The second (and I haven't tried it in production, so I am just going off my playing in the sandbox) is to create a new status type and then use this as the base for your threshold display. Unlike the system generated status types, the custom type can be edited in all aspects to show on the dashboard, contribute to quality of service etc..

    Doing all of this programmatically should be doable, but I can't contribute to that part of this conversation because I just did it once on site here and haven't needed to do it again.
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