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PLzz Help!! Bug RS232 NI 2100

In my system , I have several NI2100 connected to LUTRON processors and AUDIO Controller with RS232 . Recently I had problems I can order anything but lighting and audio from touch screens. The RX LED in front RS232 port side LUTRON became permanently red.
I checked the cables, I uploaded the latest firmware but it did not work


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    Likely a C729 failure? Tie pins 2-3 to confirm, if you don't get data turnaround, it's the capacitor problem, swap your controller.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Last I had a C729 issue, AMX was still repairing that particular problem at a cut rate. No idea if they are still doing that, though. Some here have replaced it themselves, and I understand it isn't difficult if you are handy enough with a soldering iron to work on SMDs (you only have to remove the bad one, you can put a standard cap in its place) , or have actual SMD tools.
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    thank u very much for taking time to respond me, that means it's a hardware problem.
    AMX still repairing that particular problem but customs clearance taks lot of time
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    If "zero down time" is an issue, you might put in a temporary master to hold them over until the real one gets repiared. You can find them on ebay fairly inexpensive. I keep a couple around for just such reasons.
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    I got one repaired for the flat rate just a couple months ago. But yeah repair takes a bit, especially since AMX never seems to be able to contact me to let me know they've completed the repairs.
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    In the hotel industry is difficult to work with an automated system and suddenly the processor fails and nothing works after. we bought 3 NI2100 for stock (that are already in use right now) with this particular problem we can not predict when and which processor will fail, I have more than 50 NI2100 in my installation :-(
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    good news

    I replaced the cap C206 in NI2100 and its working now, all RS232 are operational, it needs a very good concentration :-)
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