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Module for Milestone Xprotect Express

Does anyone have experience with video surveillance software Milestone Xprotect Express?

AMX and Milestone were belonged to one owner for several years and they declared tight cooperation and integration. But I didn't find any software or modules. May be someone knows something about it.
I need to get access to archive and show video or photos on a panel. There are a good manual and SDK but it will take time to develop a module from scratch.


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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    I've worked with it on a few deployments, although not with any AMX integration. As you noticed they have the full SDK available which will let you really customise the platform. For the use case you mention though this route is probably overkill. What you may have some luck in doing is deploying their Mobile Server component then have the AMX system emulate a web client. Best bet would be to contact your local Milestone guys though as from experience they are super knowledgable and keen to assist. If they do offer some alternative approaches it would be awesome to hear about it back here too!
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