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Solid Input Light Issue

I have a NI-3100 that has decided to go on the fritz. It's been running as is for a couple of years now and suddenly this issue popped up. The input light will go solid and all network communication is very slow (to the point of unusable). I can ping. Telnet will connect, but it can take several minutes for a response. Touch panel will connect, but no further data is passed. It's basically acting like it's being flooded with some sort "input." The thing it, it's not! The problem exists with all devices disconnected and the program disabled (dip1).

HOWEVER! If the network cable is unplugged during boot, and then plugged back in, it will work fine until the next reboot. It doesn't have to be connected to a live network either. If I just plug into a empty hub and into the master, it will still have the issue. The network cable has be physically disconnected from the master (no link light).

So I've tried reloading the firmware (master & duet), no fix. Next on my list is to do a factory reset and reload the code. If not that, then pull the CF card.

I at least have it up and running now and I'm taking a break until I have some free time.

Just curious, anyone else seen this issue before?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    When you watch the telnet session next time - turn on notifications. (MSG On ALL) and see what (if any ) errors come up. Also check the bufers to see if you have any overruns. report back.
  • jabramsonjabramson Posts: 106
    Ended up reloading the TKN file and all has been working well since.
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