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Tell if its NX or NI in program?

Anyone know if you can tell if its a NX or NI in the program as I want to program to use the serial fault detect if its NX or use my old way for an NI in a serial module?


  • The built in DEVICE_ID(<dev>) function sounds like what you are seeking. In PI, you can find the device ID for your product and in code, use the function to evaluate the device.


    NX Master DEVICE ID: 0x018D or 0x1B7
  • ColzieColzie Posts: 470
    DEVICE_ID_STRING (0:1:0) works nicely too if you'd like an ASCII return. Look for NI or NX in the return string.
  • NZRobNZRob Posts: 70
    Thanks guys that worked well - String to NI pops up with 'NI Master' and guessing that a NX will pop up 'NX Master'. Will have to find one to test on and then serial test on.

    Short version within serial module:
    DATA_EVENT [dvThisDevice]
            WAIT 100
    	    IF(FIND_STRING(DEVICE_ID_STRING(0:1:0),'NX',1)) bIs_NI = FALSE;

    Then just using bIs_NI is code for NI or NX control
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